Partner Danny Mays has 30 years of experience in the golf industry. His entire life has been dedicated to golf and golf course management in some way, including working as founder and CEO of Gotham Golf Partners. In 2000, GGP was privileged to operate a total of 27 golf courses within the Eastern United States. Mays has also worked with golf legend Charles Staples and directed golf operations at Doral Golf Resort. His dedication to the game as well as the business side of golfing comes through in everything he does.

About Classic Golf Solutions​

Operated by R. Danny Mays and T.D. (Tom) DeShazo, Jr., Classic Golf Solutions is the logical choice when you have a struggling golf course. A consultation with CGS can help provide you with the tools you need to move forward and correct problems, so your golf course can become a profitable company again. CGS's success stories include work with over 40 Golf Clubs in the past 30 Years. Through property reviews that address finances, operations, and ownership, CGS is capable of giving your golf club the best chance to turn things around and enjoy success.

Jr. Partner Tom DeShazo, Jr. has worked with Mays for five years. He came to CGS in retirement, after spending 42 years owning and operating successful auto dealerships. Now he brings his wealth of experience to the golf course industry, where he and Mays have already begun saving golf courses that were about to go bankrupt or otherwise fail. He has studied finance, accounting, and international business, as well as serving his country in the Army National Guard. He is clearly focused on ensuring that businesses get what they need to be successful.